i drew some undead boyfriends


Are you keeping up? Catch Dylan O’Brien in this online exclusive Maze Runner poster from Yahoo Movies, and in the new trailer tomorrow!


this is an appreciation post for anyone who has ever tolerated me

I’m worth five dollars?
Five million.

Stage rendition of the ‘Musical Ending’
The Last of Us: One Night Live


Tokyo Ghoul Anime


Tokyo Ghoul Manga


reminder for you to read the manga because you’re missing out


Apologies for the quality, my computer shit the bed last night so I’m stuck with paper and pencil

Also not drawn but I refuse to believe that Scott and Stiles didn’t slow motion fliff the money into the air like they were in a rap video for at least a LITTLE bit


when parrish learns he’s worth 5 on the deadpool, he definitely thinks to himself, “oh my god. im worth the same as a subway sandwich. i don’t even like subway.